Mr Slavica Stamatović,


First name and surname: Slavica Stamatović

Date of birth: 21.07.1971

Place of birth: Titograd

Address: Faculty of Architecture,
Džordža Vašingtona b.b.,
81000 Podgorica, Montenegro

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Phone number: +382(0)20 269 262

Fax: +382(0)20 269 317


Higher education:

Doctoral Studies:
- Doctor candidate at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, Serbia
Graduate studies:
University "La Sapienza", Prima Facolta 'di Architettura "Ludovico Quaroni”, Rome, Italy (2003/2004)
Master studies:
- Master Level II – I.S.U.F.I. - Innovative Materials and Technologies School University of Lecce – Italy (2001/2002)

Undergraduate Studies:
- Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, Serbia, graduated 1998

Secondary school:
- High school “Slobodan Škerović "- Podgorica (1986 - 1990, natural-mathematical sciences)


Faculty of Architecture, University of Montenegro:
- Assistant / Teaching Associate since 2004, Master of Architecture and Urban Planning
Name of other institutions - Previous work experience:
- RZUP - Republic Institute for Urban Planning and Design, Podgorica, Montenegro,
associate designer, 1999 - 2001
- The Government of the Republic of Montenegro, Department of Development, 1998-1999
- The design office Faculty of Architecture 1996/1997


Papers at professional conferences, symposia and seminars:

- “The control of space – The Wall”, "Catalogue for the XI Venice Architecture Biennale, " Out There:Architecture Beyond Building "- Montenegrin Pavilion Transformation – from Arsenal to Porto Montenegro, the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Media of Montenegro, Podgorica, 2008.
- "The modern expression of traditional houses in Montenegro" ("Contemporary expression of traditional architecture in Montenegro"), Part Crmnička house, Publication, Ministry of Tourism and Environment, Ministry of Economic Development,GTZ, Podgorica, 2008

- Eco lodge in Montenegro ", Publication, Ministry of Tourism and Environment, Ministry of Economic Development, GTZ, Podgorica, 2008.
- "Traditional architecture and energy efficient techniques, Conference:"Energy Efficiency in Montenegro”, Ministry of Economic Development, the Austrian-Montenegrin Partnership, CHF, GTZ, June 2008.
- "Revivifications and articulations of public space in the central part of Podgorica", Proceedings of the Annual conference of urban planners and architects, COMMUNICATION 2004 - public wellness, identification, use, management, design, CEP- Center for Planning and Development, Belgrade, Serbia, 2004.
- "The space between - KONTRAPROSTOR" ("Space Between - CONTRASPACE"), II Multidisciplinary Conference "CITY", Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade,Belgrade, Serbia, 2004.
- "Impressio - Ohrid house", Proceedings of the international expert-scientific conference "Communications XXIV - The urban and architectural heritage in the third millennium", Perast, CEP - Center for Planning and Development, Belgrade, Serbia, 1999.


- XI Venice Architecture Biennale, "Out There: Architecture Beyond Building"

Hall of Montenegro: The transformation - from Arsenal to Porto Montenegro, the Arsenal, Venice, Italy from September to November 2008, Deputy Commissioner

- "Architecture and Film" - author and mediator, lectures and discussions with film screenings, connecting the space with architectural space film, co-operation with colleagues from the world of film and architecture (directors, camera operators, architects, publicists):

Architecture and Film Vol. 1 "Frank Lloyd Wright - Wright 's architecture in the movies

Architecture and Film Vol. 2 "Invisible Cities" - Industrial and Post-modern city,

Cultural and Information Centre "Budo Tomovic”, Podgorica, March - April 2005.

- Exhibition / TRANSFORMER - conceptual design for the Atlas Capital Center - ACC in Podgorica, Beton Hala, Belgrade, Serbia, February 2007.

- XXIV Annual Salon of Architecture, Belgrade, Serbia, April 2007.

- XXI Annual Salon of Architecture, Belgrade, Serbia, April 2004.

- "Copy - Paste", digital graphics, International competition Webart's "Cloning", Exhibition, Podgorica, June 2004.

- Performance "Urban provocation - TRACES" within the "chain of discovery"-square Ivana Milutinovic - center of Podgorica, September 2001.

- Film "Cannabis Sativa" (duration 8:50 min), Academic Film Center (AFC) "Student City", Belgrade, production 1995 / 1996.


Exchanging Program JFDP – Junior Faculty Development Program, College of Design, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USA, stay and work with colleagues and students, (scholarship of the United States of America), January - May 2008.
- Lecture "Montenegro - Under Construction", College of Design, Iowa State

- University, Iowa, USA, April 2008

- Lecture "The Solar Decathlon - American Experience, " Workshop: "The urban management, planning and sustainable development of Tivat, student workshop, GTZ (German Technical Cooperation), Technical University - Berlin, Faculty of Architecture - Podgorica, Tivat, June 2008.

- M.E.C.C.A. - Middle European Colony of Contemporary Art - Architectural Workshop "From the ideal city to reality - a vision for a town" - Terezin, Czech Republic July - August 2001


Architectural projects:

Republic Institute for Urban Planning and Design, and cooperation with other design office - assistant designer (1998 - 2001)
- Detailed Design of residential buildings and the police on “Stari Aerodrom” in Podgorica.
- Preliminary design of the Psychiatric Clinic in Podgorica,
- Plan of the field hospital "Danilo I " Cetinje
- Project analysis and typology supported buildings and greenhouses on the street moves in Podgorica, construction design
- Detail design of a house in Dobrota, Kotor,
- Detail design of an office building in Podgorica.

Cooperation with Post of Montenegro - Interior Designer (1998 - 2001)

- interior design office in Kolasin, (with Arh.Sonjom Radovic)

- interior design office in Mojkovac

- interior design office in Niksic

- The project of adaptation to the area office in Podgorica

- Cooperation with Business Art - Architectural and project management, Milan, Italy - chief designer (2005 - 2008)

- project supervision on the inside door to the building of "Telekom" in Podgorica,

- The interior design new buildings of the airport in Podgorica, realized 2006

- The interior design of reconstruction and renovation of the airport in Tivat, realized 2006

- Detail design for the showroom of Telecom Montenegro in Kotor and Bijelo Polje, ralized

- Preliminary architectural and urban solutions for housing development in the village of Rovinj, Croatia

- Conceptual architectural solution for commercial building impressions in Kotor.

- The project for reconstruction of the Hotel Vardar Kotor, detailed design and interior design carried out by the 2007

- The reconstruction project in the Kotor Restaurant Galion, detailed design and interior design carried out by the 2007

- Conceptual Architecture and Urban Housing complex solution Blizikuce, 2007

- Conceptual Architecture and Urban solution "Health - tourist complex Meljine, 2007

Cooperation with the CAU - Center for Architecture and Urban Design and Synthesis Studio, Podgorica, the main designer and planner (2008 - 2010)

- Conceptual design hotel in Canj, 2009.
- Conceptual design hotel "Boka" and the urban project "Hotel Boka", Herceg Novi, 2009/10
- Urban design "Hotel Tamaris, Herceg Novi, 2009/10
- Urban design "hotel Igalo", Herceg Novi, 2009/10
- Urban design "Hotel Plaza ", Herceg Novi, 2009/10
- Urban design tourist zone "Dubovica" (residential units with high class hotels), the Municipality of Bar, 2009
- Detail design of the villa in patience, Kotor, 2009
- Conceptual design of town-houses, Budva, 2009
- Preliminary design "Tres Villas" in Krasici, 2009
- Conceptual design of the hotel - tourist complex in Tivat, 2008
- Conceptual design hotel in Canj, 2009
- Conceptual design hotel "Boka" and the urban project "Hotel Boka", Herceg Novi, 2009/10
- Urban design "Hotel Tamaris, Herceg Novi, 2009/10
- Urban design "hotel Igalo", Herceg Novi, 2009/10
- Urban design "Hotel Plaza ", Herceg Novi, 2009/10
- Urban design tourist zone "Dubovica" (residential units with high class hotels), the Municipality of Bar, 2009
- Detail design of the villa in patience, Kotor, 2009
- Conceptual design of town-houses, Budva, 2009
- Preliminary design "Tres Villas" in Krasici, 2009
- Conceptual design of the hotel - tourist complex in Tivat, 2008

Other projects:

- Concorso di pregettazione preliminary per la sistemazione della Piazza Duomo e la realizzazione di un parcheggio interrato - (preliminary design of the square and underground garages), Citta di Gioia Tauro, Reggio Calabria, Italy, with Arch. Ennio Plateroti, Italy, May 2004.

- Final design of the adaptation of the street Slobode in Podgorica - Pharmacy "Holy Druid, realized 2006

- Montenegro Squash Centre, Stari Aerodrom, Podgorica, Montenegro, realized 2


- Workshop: "Development of Brownfield sites in Montenegro - Cetinje example - student workshop, Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade, Faculty of Forestry - Department of Landscape Architecture, Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture, Podznanj, Poland, Faculty of Architecture, Podgorica, October 2008.

- Summer School - Cross - boundary spatial planning Lake Scutari", Virpazar, Montenegro / Shkodra, Albania, with the University of Technology, Berlin, Germany and the University of Tirana, Albania, September 2006.

- LHE - Lost Highway Expedition - international project, the former Yugoslavia's republics, , summer 2006.


- Trinaestojulska Award for Architecture 2009, Presentation of Montenegro at the XI Venice Architecture Biennale 2008, (with Professor Goran Radovic and Professor, etc)

- First prize at the International Competition - Atlas Capital Center / ACC, Podgorica, Conceptual Design, 2006 (with arh. Mladen Krekić, Milan, Italy and arh. Ksenija Bulatovic, Belgrade, Serbia)

- Special award for the high level of originality of ideas on competition of the concept of self- type objects become Montenegro, 2001


- Engineering of Chamber of Montenegro,
- Architects Association of Montenegro, a board member and secretary